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'' IT'S GOLD..    was played  nation wide and on KRAK Radio Scramento,CA in late 1973 & 1974 for about 18 weeks went to # 9  It's Gold was adopted by Sacramento Convention and Visitor Bureau as its Offical  Song for the Gold Discovery Days from 1974 to the late 1980's
'' Lets Go Back To The Country..              In 1975-76 top 20 on KRAK Radio, played nation wide, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada. Also New Zealand & Australia where it was banned after a month air play over controver'sy of some words.
It's Gold                                  Let's go back to the country      Rum Runner                            There's a right way             Burnning no bridges ever    Look at me                              Recorded 8 songs in nashville 2 never released.    BRADLEYS BARN
The wonder of you                   I wish I was in california     Walk in sunshine            Daddy don't you walk so fast  Recorded 4  songs in Bakersfield,Ca                                                        BUCK OWNES STUDIO
Sometimes I cry                     Take her flowers                            Recorded 2 songs in Sacramento, 
First Record Release on LOVE Record's  late1970 - Produced by Rick & Joe Wild 
NASHVILLE, TENN. Bradley's Barn      That played on my Recording Session
            Click on  Name  Below
Grady Martin    Lead Guitar & Dobro
Pig Robbins                     Piano
Hal Rugg                    Steel Guitar     Charlie McCoy               Harmonica   Buddy Spicher                  Fiddle      Buddy Harman                 Drums        Harold Bradley                  Giutar       Bob Moore                   Bass Player   Ray Edenton       Rhy. & acc.Guitar  Terry McMillian              Harmonica
Background Singers                That sing on my Recording Session
 That played on my Recording Session
Bill Hall                    Bass Player
Perry Jones               Drums
John McClendon     Lead Guitar
Danny Jones             Guitar
Ray Bessbed             Piano
Jimmy Fox               Steel Guitar
The Raye Sisters                        Background Singers  - Bakersfield
From My Band...Rose Humpfrey 
Greg Huimpfrey...Greg Spillman
Rex Stensel ...Road Band
SACRAMENTO, CA  Love Studios
Larry King              Lead Guitar
Jimmy Fox             Steel Guitar
Jimbo Sharp          Drums
Bill Hall                 Bass
Dee Ford               Fiddle
Jerry McClendon   Guitar
   RAVEN         records  1972 - 1984
1970 - 1971
Nashville ''A'' Team
1. It's Gold                                      2. Let's go back to the country        3.Rum Runner                               4.There's a right way                      5. Burnning no bridges ever           6. Look at me                                 7. The wonder of you                     8. I wish I was in california             9. Walk in sunshine                        10. Daddy don't you walk so fast   11 .Sometimes I cry                      12. Take her flowers            
Raven Records Produced by Bill Moore co-Produced by Avery & Bob Friend
Road Band
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 Jerry McClendon is a native of Pendleton, Indiana. 

In 1973, Raven Records, based in Sacramento, California was touting him as their latest artist to sign with the label. 

 A 1973 article notes by 1973, he had already had 12 years of professional music experience, having traveled all over the west coast, the northwest and into Canada. He worked at such famed venues as the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Personal appearances during that time included regular stints at the Metro Club, 40 Grand Club, Mavrick Club in Sacramento. He shared the stage with such artists as Jerry Lee Lewis, Willie Nelson, George Jones, Sammi Smith,Freddie Hart, Rose Maddox, Jerry Wallace and Buddy Allen and many many more. 

Jerry was known as a versatile musician as well, playing the lead guitar, piano, fiddle, sax, harmonica, bass guitar and drums. 

He also wrote and arranged some of the tunes on his recording sessions. One session was at Bradley's Barn in Nashville, Tennessee. Another recording session was at the Buck Owens studios in Bakersfield, California. 

Credits & Sources 

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Raven Records  
Rec. No. Side Song Title 
  81079 A  Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast 
  81079 B  Walk In Sunshine 
  81081 A  Wonder Of You 
  81081 B  I Wish I Was In California
  .. A side It's Gold  
  .. B side Let's go back to the country  
  .. B side Rum Runner  
  .. B side There's a right way 
  .. B side Burnning no bridges ever  
  ...A side Look at me 
  ...A side Sometimes I cry  
  .. B side Take her flowers          

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