This page is Dedicated to the Musician's / Entertainer's   and family, friend's and fan's  that I have known and / or worked with over the year's. I will be adding photo's and a little information  of all I can remember,  with a little help from my friend's.....  the fun, the music, happy day's, sad bad day's, good day's, the daze, and good time's, up's and down's, TV, radio, record's, and show's of being a musician/singer most all my life. some photo's are faded, tore, wrinkled from water damage and from carrying around all these year's, and lost a lot of other's along the way....I'm still looking for other photo's, if you have any let me know...your's truly  Jerry McClendon
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Jerry McClendon's  MEMORY   LANE 
Bobby Duke & The Dynamice's  - Jerry Mc at far left
The S.K.D's  The John Martin Band
My brother  John on the left  Jimbo Sharp on drum's  Danny Wesson on bass
Jerry McClendon & Country Road Band
from top left - Gary Escabar - Jimmy Fox - Larry King
Jerry Mc - Little Jimmy Dickens - Pee-Wee Sutton  - and feeling no pain
First Release Record  on Raven Record's
Rose Humpfrey - Jerry Mc -   bottom left - Greg Humpfrey - Rex Stensel - Greg Spillman  --- ROAD BAND  
KRAK Radio Charts
Country Music Special  Channel 3  
Ruth Moore - Jerry Mc - Bill Moore Record Producer 1972
Walt Shaw - Jerry Mc - Jay Hoffer KRAK Radio G.M  Jay wrote the lyric to It's Gold, and I wrote and arranged the music. 
First Record Release on LOVE Record's  Produced by Rick & Joe Wild 
Where I Recorded 4 song's   early 1972
Where I Recorded 8 song's  
HARRAH'S  Entertainment schedule 1984
At the Forty Grand Club  I met Jana Jae,  we went to my motor home  had a jam session, Jana on fiddle Danny Holder on 5 string banjo, me on giutar, Played til after sun up. Jana went to work for Buck after thet, I talk to Danny ever so often
Met Johnny Paycheck  3or 4 times, worked with him once. This photo was taken in Radding CA, around 1976. Johnny almost did'nt play that night , cause the club owner did'nt want to put a tub of ice full of Coor's on stage, but Johnny got his way..I drink more Coor's beer that night  then I think I drink in my life
Jerry McClendon  1980 male vocalist of the year & Diana Roan. 1980 Female Vocalist of the year  N.C.C.M.A.
Jerry McClendon & Lonesome George Gobel    1977 Sacramento Convention Center
Red Sovine, with Bo Melgreen's Band at Sacramento Convention Center  1977   Jerry McClendon far left on key's
Jerry McClendon &  Joey Mitchell  D.J.  KRAK Radio 1996
John McClendon  Danny Wesson  Jerry McClendon at Buck Owens Studio
My Daughter An'jurhee, me & the bus before painted l
Faith Hill and Jimmy Snyder
Wille Nelson  Forty Grand Club
Faith - Jimmy - Jerry    1999 Lloyd Hickey's benifitt
Red Sovine  Jerry Mc &  Red's Guitar Player , photo taken in 1977.. Red had Hit's  in the late 60's & 70's like "phantom 309'' &  ''Giddt Up Go''
Actor Gregg Palmer played 100's of movie's .also '.BIG JAKE' with John Wayne
Male Vocalist of the year 1980  N.C.C.M A.
Best Dressed Entertainer of the week
Released 1984
Tim  Mcgraw  at Tooties in Nashville,  to see Jimmy Snyder  show, early 90's 
Jerry Mc & Barbara Johson at Kellies., Sac Ca    around 1991. Barbara was on the T.V.Gong Show as a featured Singer. When you heard "What's new at Denio's Farmer's Market & Auctiom on Raido or T.V that was Barbara Singing from around 1978 in to the 90's 
Jimmy Snyder & Ron White 2002
Jerry Mc & Daughter An'jurhee at Channel 40  just before going on the Lloyd Hickey's 40 grand tv  weekly show  I was on every Sat. for over two years  
Jerry Mc. motor home, Little Jimmy Dickens had one identical to mine, we park next to each other at the club, Jimmy tried to use his key  to my motor home ?.we drink a bit in those days
Patti Lomax work with me in the 80's  great Singer & Entertainer
Lloyd Hickey & Jack  McFadden ... I met Lloyd in late 68 I was working for Jimmy Snyder at the Mevrick club In North Highlands, Ca. Leroy Toten had the band at the 40 Grand club the pay was highter so I took the Job with Leroy , in & out of Lloyd's 3 Clubs for the next 30 years I met  & worked with100's of  Celebrity's. Lloyd also help & gave local Musicians Gigs  over the next 30 years in the 3 clubs he owned. The 40 Grand Club, N. sac  Lloyd Hicket's El Rancho in W. Sac. Lloyd Hickey's Countryland in W. Sac. Lloyd also had a weekly T.V. show for about  3 years..Jack McFadden was the Booking Agent  that book most all Celebrity's at the 40 grand and El Rancho also Buck Owen's Personal Manger, I met Jack in Bakersfield, & at the 40 grand 
Kelly Marie worked with me at Kallies Restaurant & Lounge in Sac, Ca.and Cordova Lodge in Rancho Cordova Ca. when she started with me in the late 80's she was around 16, at Kallies when she was about 20 she met  Bruce  and later married and  have a beautiful family. Kelly Has 2 CD's out ''Glory To You' & 'Prayerfully'. Kelly's mon still comes to my show ever once in a while.
Billy Bus  Drums/Keys   nashville west1979
Dad  &  AJ
 Mr. & Mrs.Dorsey Burnett
Dorsey was always a good friend he called me little brother,. Dorsey and his wife stopped by my room at the El Rancho to say hi. He was a religious man and we all held hands and he pray for me.One of Dorsey's #1 hit was Tall Oak Tree. Johnny Burnett was Dorsey's Brother, one of Johnny's #1 hit was DREAMIN'
Jerry McClendon & Country Road 1972
Jerry & Gregg
Thank You Phil & Joan
Johnny Grizzle & the Fabulous Hangups
Johnny McClendon lead guitar - Al Demarco drums - Jerry lloyd sax
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Cli  From a live show with Jerry McClendon and Country Road, May 28th Special Guest Star Danny Hart 1972
May 28th In Folsom
Lyrics and Music by Robert Daniel Hart
@ All Rights Reserved

Verse 1:
Well it’s May 28th in Folsom,
And I’ve got to sing my song.
Yeah it’s hot as hell here in Folsom,
As the day drags on and on
It’s peach picken time Georgia, apple picken time in Tennessee
And its May 28th in Folsom, guitar picken time for me.

And I write-this song, for the convict,
Hope it won’t be long
Till they’re outside and they’re free again
When will it ever, ever end in Folsom?

Verse 2: 
Well we’re do'in a fine show in Folsom
With a band called Country Road
Making the prisoners happy.
As they tote their heavy load.
We want you to know the feel’n
God knows we’re inside of you
And it’s May 28th in Folsom
Tell me what else can we do?

But sing our song.
Hope it won’t be long,
Till they’re outside and they’re free again
When will it ever, ever end in Folsom?

Hope it won’t be long, long, long
Till we’re all outside and we’re free again
“God” will it ever, ever end in
Folsom Prison, Folsom Prison, Folsom Prison 
Why we can even see the Gray Stone Chapel from here, ( Bringing in the Sheaves)

God Bless the convict not for what they did, but for the hell they’re going through for doing it.
Danny Hart
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